Publishing a post

Post scheduling, auto-delete, pin post

Publishing dashboard

Publish settings

Publish now

To publish a post immediately after saving, click the button more_horiz

From the menu that appears, choose Publish Now. After that Telepost will save the post and instantly publish it to the channel.

Save publish preview

Pay attention! You can edit a published post in the "Published" tab

Schedule for a specific time

For this, Telepost has a delayed publication function. You need to select "Schedule" and then set the date and time.

Publish settings

Indicate the date and time of publication.

Publish settings

Post Auto-deletion

To set the required parameters, click the "Autodelete" button

Publish settings

Next, indicate the period of time after which you want to delete the post. And click the "Save" button.

Autodelete dialog

After the post is published, Telepost will set a timer to delete it. After removal the post will remain in the "Sent Items" section with a note that it has been removed from Telegram.

Pin post

In order to automatically pin the post after publication, enable the "Pin" option

Pin post

Sound notification

You deside yourself if you want to notify users about a new publication in the channel or not. For this there is a button "Notification"

Pin post
Pay attention! The default position of the "Notification" and "Pin" options is can be changed in the channel settings in Telepost.