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Telepost helps channel administrators cut down on routine and focus on production of quality content. It has deferred posts, a visual editor, collaboration, and more. And most importantly, it is completely free!

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Telepost delayed posting for Telegram
Postponed publications
Plan your Telegram posts in advance and save your time.
Create content with your team in one place. You do not have to assign the admin's role to the editor of your telegram channel.
Visual HTML editor
No more memorizing Markdown markup. Telepost will do everything for you.
Take advantage of all Telepost postponed posting features absolutely free.
Add interactivity. Give your followers the opportunity to express their emotions.
Auto delete
Set the post deletion timer. An irreplaceable assistant for advertising.
Make sure that the post looks the way you want it to before publishing.
Save unfinished posts. You can continue working on them at any time.
Publication history
Edit published posts directly in Telepost.
Collect feedback from your audience. Creating polls is now faster and more convenient than @VoteBot.
Photos, Videos and Documents
With Telepost, you can publish absolutely anything.
Pin post
Pin the post automatically after publication.
Album publication in Telegram
With telepost posting, you can publish albums.
Publishing video messages
Since version 4.0 Telegram supports video messages, now you can publish any video in round form.
Publishing without a bot
You do not need to create your own bot to publish posts on your telegram channel. Use TelepostBot.
Telegram channel control panel

Telepost control panel

It stores the history of posts, drafts and scheduled (postponed) publications for Telegram. Here you can also add editors and change the look of your channel. You can connect both open and closed channels.

Zen mode

To create a masterpiece, you need to focus on the main thing. Edit longreads without distraction.

Create postponed posts in Zen Mode
Insert emoji in the visual editor of the post for Telegram


The most complete set of emoticons is always at your disposal. Make your messages expressive and friendly. Let your Telegram channel shine.