Channel connection

How to connect a channel to Telepost

Go to Control Panel

Click the "Connect Channel" button.

Add channel

A dialog with instructions for connecting the channel will open.

Add channel dialog

Make the bot a channel admin

Then enter the username of your channel or a link to it in the dialogue on the Telepost website.

Attention! To add a private channel, you need to enter its ID
Add channel type username

After clicking the save button, you will be taken to the channel page in Telepost.

Now you can publish posts to your channel!

Closed channel connection

The easiest way to add a closed channel is via @TelepostBot

Go to the bot and press Start

Channel add with bot Start

Click on the command / addchannel

Channel add with bot /addchannel

Instructions for channel connection will appear.

Make the bot specified in the instructions the channel admin.

Channel add with bot instruction

Go to the channel you want to connect. Send any channel post to TelepostBot.

Channel add with bot Forward message

Select TelepostBot in the list and click Send.

Channel add with bot Select forward chat

After that, a message about the successful connection of the channel should be waiting for you in TelepostBot.

Channel add with bot Done

Now in the web version of Telepost, the connected channel will appear in the list.